Students With Special Needs Essay

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1. Defining students with special needs (p. 4-5) What does it mean to be a child with a disability?

A child with a disability is one which needs to be taken into consideration individually based on their strengths and weaknesses. Such child must be addressed by the teaching staff in order to meet their needs by identifying such disability and developing an effective program in which they can succeed effectively.

2. The IDEA and the categories of disabilities: What are they? (P. 5-6) Have you had students with any of these in your classroom, which ones?

IDEA, or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 that provides the legal basis for the actual special education services that are given in public schools. Year to year the amount of students with disabilities increases and therefore they need services. IDEA includes
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Where should students with disabilities be educated? (p. 16 ) What are inclusive education programs, what are the barriers? What programs exist in your setting, what are your barriers?

Students with disabilities should be in the classroom with the rest of their peers. They should receive support from their teachers, in this case it can be the regular classroom teacher, or a special education teacher that pulls in the classroom to provide support or does pulls out for a short amount of time. The more time a disabled student is in the classroom the less segregated he/she will feel.

Inclusive education programs attempt to provide the same access to academic instruction for all students regardless of their performance levels and needs. The barriers that are being faced in such programs are organizational barriers, the way in which schools and classrooms are organized. Attitudinal barriers, focusing on the beliefs of teachers, administrators about disabilities and inclusion and the knowledge barriers which are the limitation in knowledge of students with disabilities and the appropriate strategies that need to be
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