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October 20, 2015 Joseph Johnson, CEO Delicious Fine Foods Inc., LLC 295 Market St. Houston, TX 77407 Dear Mr. Johnson: How would you like to save money on your fuel and driver hours? We can help you do that. Southwest Express Transport Solutions knows your geographic area because the Southwest is our home. We can provide Delicious Fine Foods with multiple transportation options. We will be able to accommodate your needs with custom tailored solutions. Southwest Express Transport Solutions has the variable fleet to efficiently handle all your transportation needs, and by reading the information below you can see how our ideas stack up against the competition. Background and Goals Mr. Johnson, did you know that you are paying more for…show more content…
Have a big load of frozen food to transport? Our modern freezer compartments can keep your load at steady safe temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit, or -17 degrees Celsius even when the weather is hot. And your fresh produce will arrive in perfect condition in our refrigerated trailers. Our state of the art cooling systems keep the temperature at crisp 34-38 degrees. Dry packaged goods will be protected from the elements in our dry vans many of which are compartmentalized so that we can transport loads for multiple clients on the same trailer. Many of our dry vans include temperature control systems so we can keep your valuable produce from freezing even when the temperature is below zero…show more content…
Got whole container of goods coming in by ship or by rail? We 'll pick it up and deliver it to your warehouse or store with our intermodal container on flatbed system. And if you need large freezers or shelf units delivered for remodel or an oversize item for promotional display we can carry and offload those too. We are a Southwest regional carrier so our drivers know the area, and are not as fatigued as long haul carriers. We have variety of trailer sizes and types so odds are good that we can always provide you with dedicated runs from pickup to delivery at your facility instead of less than truckload, LTL, runs that must make stops for multiple customers. We specialize in the food shipping business. We will be able to accommodate your needs with a custom tailored solution Equipment Our company maintains fleet of tractor trucks and semi-trailers of various sizes and configurations including many semi-trailers that are refrigerated or have refrigerator freezer compartments. • Refrigerated Semi-Trailers 28 ' 45 ' 57 ' • Dry vans 28 ' 53 ' 57 ' • Flat beds 28 ' 53 ' 57 ' • State of the Art Satellite Communications Systems • Pre Pass

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