Case Study: Dementia

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CCIB LPA Perryman-French received a call from Elizabeth. Her mother Lupe DeGennaro (DOB 05/29/34) was in this facility from 08/15/15 to 09/19/15. Elizabeth moved her to another location and the administrator of that location told her to call CCL. The entire time her mother was in this facility she was strapped to her wheelchair with a cloth strap because she would get up and try to walk around the house. (Lupe is a fall risk, so Elizabeth did not know this was not legal). Eliabeth does not have photos, but her family can witness as might other families who visit. It is unlikely residents there could verify the strap as most have some form of dementia. When Lupe was admitted, Elizabeth told them she was resistive to showers, but if they were
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