Case Study Desiree's Action Hours

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1. Service First: Desiree’s performance in Service First is Above Expectations. Her Action Hours each week average around 33.27 hours, which is above her peers that are at the same point in their careers (19hrs is their average). Although Desiree was on sign off, her average is on the same level as a veteran Program Specialist, the number shows a high level of functioning while learning her job. Desiree’s Action Hour average includes her sign off period and learning how to correctly process cases, which can include having to ask repeated questions to truly understand the nature of her position. Since being removed from sign off her average Action Hours have remained the same which is above expectation. 2. Excellent Quality: Desiree is…show more content…
Responsive Government: During this evaluation period, Desiree responded timely to all of her assigned Cherwell Tickets. Desiree is a very independent worker and creates solutions to problems on her own. As a new Program Specialist she has gone through extensive training and Desiree has also assisted others in the unit as well with her second language in Spanish. Desiree continues to grow in Program Eligibility and system knowledge every single day. 4. Effective Communication: Desiree researches questions before she asks which results in her answering her own question. If there is something she does not understand she will go to her Lead Worker and/or Supervisor to ask follow-up questions on a particular issue. Desiree communicates well through emails and if she has not gotten a response in a timely manner; she will go to the Lead/Supervisor to follow up on the situation at hand. 5. Integrity: Desiree treats others with respect, while maintaining a positive and professional demeanor. She is accountable for her errors and seeks ways to prevent them for happening in the future. Desiree has proven to be trustworthy by not only adhering to confidentiality, but by seeing assignments to completion even if she has to finish up the assignment on the next business
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