Case Study: Devereux Intensive Resiidential Treatment

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Presenting Problem: Carter is currently admitted to the Devereux Intensive Resiidential Treatment Center as of 12/1/2015. Hx of being aggressive with family members. Admission occurred as a result of texting homicidal ideations regarding his mother, in which he threatened to cut her throat and or the brake lies on her car. He reports experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations sine the age of 12, records reports the hallucinations began at age 10. He denies feeling depressed but had symptoms of depression in the past. He reported feeling a sense of hopelessness and helplessness when feeling depressed. He blames his mother for all of his recent troubles and hospitalizations. He admits to using substances including opiates, triple C’s and alcohol. He reports using alcohol since 9 years old. Hx of self harm Homicidal and Suicidal Ideations, drug use and promiscuous behavior. Allegations of molesting yonger sibling. Carter reported earing voices. Pending criminal charges of Battery and Disturbing the peace.…show more content…
His biological father has been repoted to have Schizophrenia and his stepmother sexually abused him from the age f 4-7 years old. His mother cut off visitation with his father at the age of 7 after relocationg. The mother and step father moved to Sanford Florida in 2012, Carter had o contact wit his biological father until 2013. 8 months later Carter attempted to commit suicide and he admitted for the first time to sexual abuse. Carter prefers not to communicate with immediate family. Family does not want Carter to return home due to concern for his older sister and younger
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