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Digital Decoupling @IGATE

July 2015
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2. Case Study 2
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1. Abstract
Digital technologies are reshaping competitive dynamics in CPG marketplace. The smartest, most successful CPG brands are increasingly reaching consumers through digital media as part of their coordinated efforts to increase sales and brand preference. CPG Companies are embracing digital technologies at faster rate than ever and the pace will only increase as we charge towards future. Resulting in increased digital spend by CMO’s and CIO’s.
Technology partners and creative partners are part of the same ecosystem and often
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Case Study
IGATE is a strategic technology partner for a large Fortune 500 CPG company, we have helped the CPG Company to evolve, build and continuously develop their Web and Digital properties platform. A classic case of a “Digital Decoupling” success, the company works with multiple agencies for their core creative strategy and IGATE provides specialized technology services, operational processes and standards related to technology.
Back in 2009 this company had several Web Properties including external facing corporate websites and intranet. There were multiple challenges, plethora of technologies, and lack of standardization and governance model. The inefficiencies were causing a huge backlog, for example on an average one sites had 48 updates per week and only 12 could go in production.
The company had decided to modernize their web properties with a series of projects and move to their desired technology standard. The company digital communications team was tasked with following.
• Explore ways to continuously improve on how company and brands are represented
• Find creative and appropriate ways to drive awareness
• Better service users and increase efficiencies across
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• Speed. Technology solution will be faster and more accurate coupled with Delivery innovation
• Cost effectiveness. Onshore ,Near shore & Offshore execution model
• Time to market. Respond and react to customer needs with Agility
• Governance & Responsibility. Well defined Governance & responsibility model
• Processes. CMMI Quality Processes Distributed agile methodology, Change Management, Release Management & Testing process (Mobile Device Testing on Cloud)
• Knowledge sharing & Reusability

4. Value Proposition
In a “de-coupling model”, IGATE will be responsible for execution and production of all the campaigns launching in the market. IGATE will bring in optimized processes, technology, off-shoring and knowledge of local markets to provide high quality output in the shortest time, at the lowest cost. Creative Freedom
Decoupling allows for greater flexibility in the generation of more in-house creative ideas that can be implemented without the involvement of creative partners. CPG companies with in-house marketing teams can develop their own creative concepts for a campaign and engage IGATE as a production partner for execution.
Reduced Technology

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