Case Study: Disparate Treatment Violations

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1. Although the Chinese woman doesn 't speak proper English which is crucial to her job performance. The company has no right to terminate her all because she doesn 't speak good English. If I didn 't take this course, I would have honestly believed she should be fired because she can 't speak proper English. However, after reading through the PowerPoints this establishment violated this woman 's right. The establishment violated Title VII rights which discriminated her based national origin accent. They also acted in a violation which is called Disparate Treatment Violation, just because potential customers complained about her performance, it doesn’t give the company the right to fire her. The company should have tried and come to some…show more content…
3. The radio station has no authority discriminating against two African Americans who tried to become Deejay’s. The General Manager’s comment was uncalled for and extremely rude. The General Manager violated Title VII violated and discriminated against the two African Americans based on their race. The establishment also targets a specific race, saying that they” don’t believe African Americans can Deejay Christian music”. They targeted a specific group of individuals and have passed discriminating comments toward them. 4. This case discriminates on woman who have facial hair. Although in their policy they want their employee 's to be neatly groomed regarding their facial appearance. The establishment’s policy is more focused and geared to men rather than women. The company discriminated against this woman because she followed the company’s policy. But rather the company discriminates against her because they feel woman shouldn’t have mustaches. So not only does this company acted on a violation called Disparate Treatment .This establishment also violates her Title VII rights because they don’t see this woman equal to a man because of her gender. The company is fine with a male employee having a mustache, but as for a woman they view her differently. The woman refuses to shave off her mustache although it is neatly groomed, although she followed orders they still won’t
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