Case Study: Donut The Explorer

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Donut the Explorer is a small venture engaged in the production and sale of doughnut products in a variety of unique fruit flavors and creative designs that best suits with coffee offerings and other beverages.
The proponents chose a doughnut business because of the several significant reasons that greatly influenced their choice. Generally, food industry always high demand for people, not only because it is a necessity but also because it gives pleasure to the taste and fills every individual’s craving. Aside from that, one of the proponents has knowledge and passion for cooking and a wide array of reliable resources.
Moreover, this kind of business can be operated initially with a small amount of investment and requires little skill which is the reason why many entrepreneurs are now engaging into doughnut franchising.
The primary purpose of this feasibility study is to gather information for proper decision making in terms of sustainability in putting up a business and to test the market for the product of flavored fruit doughnuts. As well as to explore and assess all alternative course of action or changes the proponents should make.
Since brand recognition is significant in the promotional strategy, the name of the business was derived from the famous cartoon show, “Dora the Explorer,” which tells the adventure of a young Spanish girl named, “Dora,” together with her friends. In this way, the business name can be easily recognized and remembered

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