Case Study: Drake And Keeler

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Because Drake and Keeler employer meets the required standards for coverage under the LMRA through engaging in interstate commerce, the specific employee right protected by section 7 of the LMRA is that they have been wrongfully dismissed of their duties because of their protected and concerted activities. Sec. 7. [§ 157.] of LMRA offers protection to employees rights to self-organization, to be able to form, join or help labor organization to bargain collectively through various representations of their own choosing and also to engage in various concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid protection and shall also have the right to refrain from any or all of such activities except for actions that are…show more content…
This demonstrates two issues, first they were acting for two or more employees and not for personal gain. In addition, they ever engaged in any form once of violence or a disproportionate loss or disruption to their employer relative to the seriousness of the employees’ complain grievance. However, the employer could manage to argue that the employee abandoned their jobs. However, as long as this was a concerted and lawful act, the employees are not required to offers the management with an opportunity to resolve a complaint. In addition, the decision would not be justified because it would be observed to be an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP). In addition, the employees would have to file a ULP with the NLRB within six months of the date which the act of violation took place. Consequently, the NLRB would be permitted to conduct an investigation for evidence or merit. Therefore, if merit is tenable, then the NLRB would make an effort to establish some form of settlement. If a settlement could be reached, it would be seen by an administrative Law Judge to be able to make a settlement. In Addition, a settlement for such kind of a violation could range from reinstatement to back pay. On the other hand, it would be regarded to be typical for the employer to post written notices for employee to inform them of any form of
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