Case Study: Dumpster Eneclosure

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DUMPSTER ENCLOSURE AREA FACTORS: A second area that creates a very real threat to staff safety, and which is equally as dangerous as the Center Island issue, is the Dumpster Enclosure. This is located at the east edge of the Lower Lot, and a few feet lower in rise than The Circle Lot. This location can be used to facilitate an attack on someone walking either to the Circle Lot, the Enclosure itself, or, the Lower Lot. The next set of photographs will demonstrate the views of a Perpetrator laying in ambush for a Passer-By walking to the southeast corner of the Lower Lot. In similar fashion as with the Center Island, to the left is an aerial view of the south portion of the Circle Drive area of SLC, emphasizing the immediate area surrounding…show more content…
To the west in the Lower Lot is a second such light pole servicing the east portion of that lot and the Dumpster Enclosure area, and does affect the Circle Lot. Additionally, 2 sconces along the west all of the sanctuary outer wall assist in illuminating the east half of the Circle Drive and Center Island. These lights may not have been updated since their installations; believed to be circa 1999 for the poles (16 years), and circa 2006 (9 years) for the sconces. The present predominant surface on all drives and lots about SLC is dark asphalt. While being an economic building material, its dark color absorbs rather than reflects light – making visibility during dark hours less effective. The other predominant ground cover in the area is grass, which also does not generally improve visibility in darkness. Lighting from these sources covers the minimum needs for safely navigating this area on foot. They are, however, lacking in sufficient luminosity as to aggressively deter a Perpetrator’s…show more content…
The best view of this area is from the Children’s Wing classrooms, which are mostly unoccupied during staff comings and goings. Views from neighboring homes are also obscured by trees and other landscaping. Due to the isolated location of the church, passing drivers and walkers are unlikely to notice the activity of staff in the Circle Drive and Lot areas. And, of course there is no view to this area from the east due to the no window monolith of the sanctuary wall. Several factors could assist this situation, including but not limited to: landscape changes; staff actively watching staff; adding audio/video surveillance; changing the location of staff parking. Of an additional concern is that incoming persons and vehicles during the work day are not easily monitored or even recognized. The present staff parking can fill the Circle Lot. This causes visitors to either park in the “fire lane” of the Circle Drive, or to park in the Lower Lot. In either case, under the present conditions, persons and vehicles can easily enter both of these areas unnoticed by staff. Persons approaching the Main Lobby Breezeway while using the east sidewalk can do so unnoticed, even by vigilant staff, until seconds before they appear at the entry
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