Case Study: Dynamics Models Of Counseling

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Bachelor of Arts/Science (Psychology) Trimester 2,2015 COU1101 Dynamics Models of Counseling Assignment – Case: Study – A Psychoanalytic understanding of the life of (my hero/heroine) Daniel Lim Jun Min Student Id: 10251618 ECU Unit Coordinator: Dr Sarron Goldman SMF Tutor: Mr Frederick Low Table of content Introduction Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British Statesman, Prime Minister (1940-1945, 1951-1955), an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer and an artist. Famously known for his headstrong bearings and rebelliousness, his bravery and persistence in the realm of politics, his mood swings from time to time as well as his symptoms of depression which he termed “Black dog” always finds a way to conquer all the obstacles and succeed whenever the tables are turned on him. (Blake & Louis, 1993).…show more content…
The non-structured concept of “wild analysis” (Loewenberg,2005) for psychoanalytical comprehension will be based upon the examination of Churchill's autobiography, My Early Life, which he personally wrote in 1930, and as well as Churchill, by Blake and Louis, published in
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