Case Study: Enaxis Consulting: XMC Inc.

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Enaxis Consulting is a Consultancy company founded in 2002 as XMC Inc. It was started by Jonas Georgsson and Shethia to bridge the gap in organizations around the globe for improvement by offering real-time solutions. Fee charge by large global consultancy made them realize there is a unique market opportunity. Enaxis was made affordable and an advisory firm to offer quality services. Additionally, their goal was to create a company that satisfaction was the first priority both to clients and workers. In this day and age, the key to success of any organization is its ability to maximize its capacity by ensuring optimum utilization of the available resource that includes, but not limited to information, technology, Human resource, financial…show more content…
Enaxis helps other companies to remain flexible and innovative by research and IT solution (Schwalbe, 2015). The services offered are: merger integration, organizational development, value assurance, process optimization, business continuity and compliance and design think. Therefore, by offering these services, it helps its client to under their businesses as well as doing away with their problem Enaxis Consulting established key strategies to ensure that they thrive on the market. To satisfy client, it is important to make the people offering service are well equipped with the knowledge of the firm. Generally, a company is comprised of many activities that work together with the aim of achieving one goal. Therefore, the management of Enaxis Consulting had the following strategy: 1. Honesty and transparency: For an organization to work smoothly there is need of openness. With proper communication, different department interacts well, and there is no room for the delay as each department has been provided with its services readily basis. Also, honesty to staff and customers is key to the success of business. Enaxis Consulting incorporated this core value so that its staff can serve clients…show more content…
Hiring competent people, and training them: Despite the fact that the employees hired are believed to have the required knowledge to deliver, Enaxis Consultant provided training to ensure worker have a full understanding of the duties they are going to partake. This idea not only makes the employee reliable but also boost his/her confidence while doing his job because of the understanding of the work. The company also gives room for initiative-talks, give room for sharing ideas and encourage entrepreneurship. 3. Making the company a fun place to be: Enaxis Consulting believes that employees are the greatest resources to excel in business. Therefore, employees are treated well, which give them a sense of belonging. The firm support activities like monthly meeting, organize for family picnics, holding holiday parties, and sporting events, it also gives awards and recognition. With this kind of treatment, workers are motivated to go an extra mile to ensure they have done their work to perfection. Enaxis Consulting is rated as the best place to work. 4. Set high-achieving culture as well as being collaborative: Enaxis Consulting choice the best employees to work in the field. The key aspect they look at is the willingness of the worker to learn and cooperate. With a team that works in the best interest of the firm no doubt the clients will be satisfied. 5. Building trust to its client. Enanix works to impress its clients. Therefore, it works as a trusted

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