Case Study: Essendex Inc.

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Essendex Inc. is an SMS service provider offering solutions globally. It operates in different countries all the over world viz. United States, Australia, Eire, Espana, France, United Kingdom and Deutschland. It is a privately funded company, founded in the year 2001. Services offered by Essendex Inc. include sending and receiving messages around the world. Headquartered in the UK, it operates at different locations around the world. It is offering solutions to around 17000 organizations that vary in sizes. Different services offered by Essendex Inc. include Web SMS, Email SMS, Essendex API, 2 Way SMS and Bulk SMS. Experienced staff of Roamsoft Technologies can help in integration of these services with your websites within hours. Essendex…show more content…
Services offered by are operated by Slepe Communications Ltd. This company is headquartered in Cambridge city of the United Kingdom. supports all the GSM networks virtually all over the world. Various products offered by include sending and receiving SMS online, inbound SMS and developer’s API. messaging solution is simple and economical. Each text worth 50 p and replies can be made free of cost. Roamsoft Technologies has a specialist team that helps you in integrating SMS solutions with your business at economical…show more content…
It is an international text message platform that has made the process of exchanging messages very simpler. Using IPIPI, text messages and SMS can be easily sent to any type of phone across the globe from computer itself. We, at Roamsoft Technologies, simplify the tasks of integration of IPIPI solutions with your business at low price. We provide customized solutions for your business needs. The IPIPI SMS texting service is available at economically low price i.e. 8 cents per message. Messages can be sent and received either through computer or phone. Customers using IPIPI can send or receive messages to around 715 networks in more than 200 countries around the world. SMS solutions provided by IPIPI are affordable, easy to use and simple. Users can send text messages as well as picture messages. Integration of IPIPI with the business becomes very easy and quick with the help of Roamsoft Technologies. Call us today to assist you in the complete integration

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