Clinical Ethical Decision Making: The Four Topics Approach

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Ethics in itself means the knowledge field which deals with morals and its principles. Hospitals are very necessary for the lives on earth. As hospitals cannot be accessed on every path therefore clinics are made. Our government has really put an effort for the health of its citizens. Clinical ethics means the morals that must be followed by each and every member present there may it be the organization or the patients’ in it. For good results the ethical department must be of good choice. Basically, some approaches are brought into consideration for the best decisions to be taken. I would explain this by using case study as an example. In this case study, I have included four approaches which
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Like in case of medical indications the first step of diagnosing is the articulation of the medical facts of case which includes the prognosis, how can it be treated and what are the effects of treatment on the patient. Patient preferences totally focus on expressed values and wishes of the patient. It includes the patient identification as per the wishes declared. It is basically the ethical concept of respecting the patient for its autonomy. Quality of life is regarded to be the major goal of treatment as it helps in restoring, maintaining and improving the quality of life. In clinical ethics it is really important to consider the effect of the dictated treatment on patient’s quality of life. Contextual features are regarded to be the final step which is considered to be the largest among all. This is based on the features that are relevant to the case and ensures its ethical analysis properly. In this many social factors are put into consideration. It also embodies the ethical principles which are related to justice and fairness. After following all the four approaches self- reflection is used to give touch up to the entire
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