Case Study: Everett V. Rogers

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The efforts Edina Broward made to research about her stolen painting will probably considered as diligent efforts which prevent statute of limitation from starting to run. Ms.Broward tried to find her stolen painting by many means. First of all, The police was notified by her as well as a private investigator was hired to help to find the stolen painting. Similar to Everett v. Rogers, where the owner of stolen painting informed the police and was going to hire private investigator.
Furthermore, Ms.Broward wrote many letters describing the painting to art museums, some of local art dealers and auction houses in different periods as well as $25,000 was offered by Ms.Broward to acquire useful information related to her stolen painting. Comparing to Everett v. Rogers, where no award was offered by the owner, Ms.Broward showed a real desire to locate her stolen painting by offering $25,000.
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She was not aware of its existence before she was told about them. Similarly, in Everett v. Rogers, where the owner did not know that IFAR existed before he reported the theft to them.
Finally, both of the owner in Everett v. Rogers and Dr. Warren did not inquire about the stolen paintings before they purchased
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