Case Study: Fatmi Builder Group Inc.

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Fatmi Builder Group Inc., founded in 2010, the group specialises in modern construction work in the Netherlands. We have been the leaders in modern construction since the incorporation started. Currently employing in excess of 250 people with a 2015 turnover of € 30 million, the group’s growth has been achieved by the acquisition of talented individuals combined with a unique understanding of our customer’s desires and challenges

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on our agenda as we seek to play a significant role in building a better future for the world around us and our generations to come.

We are extremely proactive in our approach and committed to building a growing sustainable business, ensuring a safe environment for
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From delivering superior customer service to our clients, manifesting tremendous construction master pieces, to ensuring the well-being and development of our workforce, through shaping the way we do business through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, our values are at the heart of everything that we do as a business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is helping to play our part in building a sustainable future for the generations to come and is embedded within our company culture. Our employees are passionate about making a difference and take a part in numerous volunteering, team-building and charitable events throughout the year.

We believe our success as a business is a direct result of our core values and retaining talented individuals with a strong work ethic, a commitment to excellence and above all, a passion for construction. To achieve our mission, we have developed ten core values that we strive to deliver across all areas of the company.

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We have always believed and implemented that the society should benefit from us in every way possible and that it is our duty to give back the favours to the people as well. We are proudly associated with charity organization such as Fatmi Charity Fund, Zakat Fund, Save the Children and Run for Palestine. We support them in their fundraising programmes, various charity schemes and donations.

The success of our Corporate Social Responsibility implementation can also been seen in our yearly turnovers every year. The efficient implementation has resulted in our yearly turnover growing with 20 % every year and our profit of margin growing drastically as well. All this provides the increase of salary for our employees and investments done within the company as well, keeping us way ahead in the league. Enjoying our financial success with gratitude, we have also donated with the increase simultaneously. As we raised € 20.000 for charitable causes in 2014, and it increased up to € 28.000 for donations in 2015.
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