Case Study: Fighting For Filipino Integrity

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Title: Fighting for Filipino Integrity
Thesis Statement: The removal of Filipino subject in college is not a solution to adhere with the quality education of K+12
Problem: Should Filipino subject be abolish in college?

1. Introduction
1.1 Importance of Filipino Language

2. CMO No. 20 vs 1987 Constitution
2.1 Features of CMO No. 20
2.2 Flaws of CMO No. 20

3. Increasing Unemployment Rate
3.1 Number of Filipino Professors who could lose jobs
3.2 Effect on the Quality Education

4. Strengthening Filipino Language
4.1 Filipino Organizations and Professors Resolution
4.2 Disadvantages of Lack of Awareness Filipino – Philippines lingua Franca has been the core national language in accordance to Kautusang Tagapagpaganap Bilang 134 by Manuel L. Quezon (1937). It has flourished and has been a medium of instruction passed from generations to
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It is in this level of education that interaction between the Filipino language is being develop into more wide range of intellectualization. Implementing the CHED memorandum order no.20 goes against the 1987 Philippine Constitution. CMO 20-2013 is unjust; it goes against the integrity of our race. The removal of Filipino subject is inhumane to nationalism; it is our mother tongue that would be at risk in this implementation. The implementation of this memorandum affects various aspects of society one of these is a high unemployment rate due removal of Filipino professors in colleges and universities. A dreadful loss of jobs among thousands part time and full time professors, moreover fewer opportunities to earn for a living. Filipino subject should not be remove in college, in this era of humanity teaching Filipino subject is a crucial mechanism for Filipinos to uphold the Filipino character. An extensive knowledge in Filipino language is taught up in higher level of education, Moreover there is a growing need to reinforce and sustain Filipino subject in

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