Case Study: First Capital Federal Credit Union

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The organization I picked for my Interview paper was the First Capital Federal Credit Union. The credit union is a non-profit organization, in the public sector. The credit union solely operates on the benefits of its members. The credit union was originally established as the S. Morgan Smith Credit Union, and later became known as Allis Chalmers Credit Union when the company was acquired by the S. Morgan Smith Company on April 1, 1959.
In 1986 upon the breakup of the Allis Chalmers Corporation. The Credit Union converted to a Federal charter on November 15, 1993, and became known as First Capital Federal Credit Union. The branch where I conducted my interview is in 2602 Course Road, York, and was reopened on August 2009. For my Interview
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Poor Interpersonal skills: it is paramount to be a great listener, and to be self-conscious of your choice of words. Inability to rebound by not taking responsibility for your mistakes by figuring out where you went wrong instead of blaming your co-workers. Independent and accomplishing everything on your own is a major reason that branch managers fail, delegating tasks is necessary and part of the job. Delegating can be challenging in the context that you must find the appropriate person for the task, and be fair with all the team members.
The Outstanding skills or abilities of other effective managers she has known are the ability to work and oversee multiple personality types of subordinates, attention to detail and managing multiple tasks at once. The advice she had on someone who is still in school, and wished to pursue a managerial career in her field is to learn as much as much as they can about the financial institution they work for, she also recommends to learn as many jobs within the industry as they can, going above, and beyond of what is expected of them in their position, and showing initiative to learn as much as they
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Thus, you’ll want to prepare anecdotes that paint you as a problem solver”. (Bortz, 2017) Attention to detail comes as a close second behind critical thinking skills, “56% of hiring managers reporting that too few candidates possess attention to detail” (Bortz, 2017). A good step to take is having your cover letter proofread. “Even a slight mistake (e.g., using “they’re” instead of “their”) can land your job application in the trash” (Bortz, 2017).
On the scale of 1(very rarely) to 5 (constantly), the interviewee rated the extent to which she uses the following skills during her workday as a branch manager. For the following skills: Interviewing, disciplining others, appraising other’s performance, and negotiating, she had a scale of one, and were skills that the least used skills in her work day. She managed conflicts, gained and used power orchestrating change rarely, both skills received a scale of

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