Case Study: Florida Residential Lease Agreement

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Florida Residential Lease Agreement offers comprehensive coverage of terms and conditions of lease on month-to-month basis or lease. This agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant is a key document for governing conditions as well as monetary transactions including and not limited to security deposit and rent. The lease or rental agreement has provision that the Landlord will maintain a separate bank account for safekeeping of the deposit contributed by the Tenant. However, Tenant is not subject to receive any interest on the deposit amount in spite of the tenure or type of agreement. Each page of six pages of the agreement requires signatures by Tenant/s and Landlord
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Select the appropriate choice between A. Month-To-Month or B. Lease and put a check mark along with the termination date if you select B. Lease.
Write down mutually agreed amount of rent in words and figure along with the preferred mode of remittance. Write details if you select Other mode from the options. Select and mark the appropriate mode from choices. Add Landlord’s name and address in the space provided.
Mention security deposit amount in words and figure and Landlord mentions the name of a Florida banking institution where the deposit amount will be held until the term of the agreement is due. Next part of the Security Deposit section needs input of necessary wording i
Use of Premises from the WITNESSETH section needs details of the Tenant’s family.
16. TENANT’S HOLD OVER requires rent amount in words and figure if the rent agreement is extended due to the natural expiration.
18. ANIMALS from the WITNESSETH section needs the input of number of pets in words and figure and amount of additional non-refundable deposit in words and figure. This deposit is forfeited for cleaning carpets after the Tenant’s

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