Case Study: Flower Child

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1. Who is the Target Market for this product/item - be specific! (3pts) Flower Child is a Sam Fox's concept restaurant and company which owns numerous of restaurants a around the valley in Arizona. Flower Child is a high upscale fast-food style with a twist serving locally and healthy food options in their menu. This restaurant is targeting an audience that is looking for a fast but casual dining experience with health-conscious choices addressing environmental issues and quality concern, such as not addictive added, naturally raised proteins, and local sources. It is aiming an audience who is interested in local supplies and fresh foods, but it is still looking for that fast-casual dining challenging the fact that it can be healthy and delicious…show more content…
a) The Product offer by the company is a wholesome and health-conscious choice. It meets the consumer demands that are vegan, vegetarian, against animal cruelty, locally endorser, organic, and GMO's free buyer. The cycle of the product and their entire campaign is found in food enlightenment and they promise to serve quality food that will provide extensive care in naturally, locally grown, no additives, and from a farm fresh to the customer table. b) Price is definitely a higher end restaurant, but the costumer will be paying for well prepared, delicious, and quality food. The menu offers organic balanced dinner with vegan, organic, vegetarian for lunch and dinner every day of the week. Which you can actually mix-and-match sides and add protein or fresh seasonal beverages. Because all the products are locally grown and seasonal the quality is much healthier, and the price is a bit higher than your usual fast food restaurant. The supply cost is also higher since is made in smaller farms with quality ingredients grown in farms, it tends to be a bit…show more content…
They are not usually addressing a specific issue, it is more advertising and campaigning their products. I wish they did focus more in educating about heathy-conscious choices and why to choose to eat clean and fresh foods. They usually endorser some bloggers and public figures in their Instagram pictures, they definitely have a culture and have inbreed their clientele and customer to make eating healthy a cool experience. 9. Finally, does social media appear to be a positive or negative platform for this company/brand/product? Are there some changes you would suggest to how they are using social media in order to better their presence? (4pts) It appears to be a positive message in their company's social media platform. However, the only change that I would suggest is to make more realistic in beauty standard and more approachable and open-minded to people who are not usually the health-conscious type. It can be a bit overwhelming and perfect looking and can discourage those who are looking to try it out. I still love their post and images, but it would not harm them to be more realistic in the faces and endorsers they choose to idealize with blogger in social

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