Case Study For Knitwear Company

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• PRIMARY DOMAIN: The primary domain for this case study is Information technology. • SECONDARY DOMAIN: The secondary domain is Management - SME management • SECTORS: This case study is based on Consumer goods. • TYPE OF DATA USED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THE CASE: Factual data that is not public wherein the identity of the company/person is disclosed. • EVENT LOCATION: The location is Montréal, QC, Canada. INTRODUCTION This case study is about fine knitwear company Ca Va de Soi (CVDS) that designs, distributes and sells knitwear’s. The company was established in 1972. This is based on two-part case study of a Canadian knitwear SME called Ça Va de Soi (CVDS) presents a real-life condition: an IT project failure (part A) and how the project was “resuscitated” and transformed into a success (part B). But we will only focus on Part A. IDENTIFY The case highlights the following things: The difficulties and dangers of IT anticipates for SMEs, that implies what assignments and risks they confronted. The significance of assessing and choosing the correct IT provider and overseeing connections, and how, amid an intelligent, lessons gained from a venture disappointment can be exchanged and connected to other IT anticipates. MAIN THEMES THAT HAVE COVERED IN THIS CASE STUDY: The first is the Key attributes of SMEs and IT reception drivers and the following one is the significance of a key IT vision and IT anticipate arrangement. Additionally the significance of assessing and choosing

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