Information Technology Case Study: Ca De Soi

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The primary domain for this case study is Information technology.
The secondary domain is Management - SME management
This case study is based on Consumer goods.
Factual data that is not public wherein the identity of the company/person is disclosed.
The location is Montréal, QC, Canada.
This case study is about fine knitwear company Ca Va de Soi (CVDS) that designs, distributes and sells knitwear’s. The company was established in 1972. This is based on two-part case study of a Canadian knitwear SME called Ça Va de Soi (CVDS) presents a real-life condition: an IT project failure (part A) and how the project was
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Additionally the significance of assessing and choosing proper business assistants, on the grounds that choosing great collaborators will dependably improve your venture much and the lessons gained from a surrendered venture (changing floating activities). This case study also covered the project disappointment and project achievement.
CVDS’S, IT project consisted of 2 sub-projects: INBIZ will implement the new ERP system AND Magneto will serve as an open source platform for CVDS’s online store.
Problems arise during the “brick” phase of CVDS such as poor inventory keeping and inaccurate or duplicate information of inventory. To combat these problems from its brick phase, CVDS wants to implement a new ERP system for a competitive edge and to increase productivity by getting access to more information faster. By the end of 2012, CVDS has decided to implement the “click” strategy into its company. This strategy would enable CVDS to have its own online store or business to customer website. Its goal for this new strategy or project are to simplify data entry, have better and more accurate information on profits or inventory levels and to increase profit and
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Because of the usage of the new system, the firm confronted the difficulties of preparing work to viably utilize the system as they were confused in regards to the framework. CVDS likewise needed to dispose of copy and covering information that was disturbing stream of exact data.
They settled the system execution with INBIZ, exclusively on the proposal of a representative named Fadi, who was likewise Antoine 's companion and quite recently suggested the enlisting of INBIZ since one of his contacts worked there already. The firm was not very much aware of the consequences of the ERP system. They were in a condition of strain because of absence of learning of the system and providers accessible. However, INBIZ had little to none experience with regards to an ERP system and it saw CVDS 's vast and complex venture as an extraordinary open door.
One of the basic blunders made by CVDS was that it shaped the arrangement exclusively on a premise of visually impaired trust. Process is said to be a failure when it doesn’t meet the three criteria, namely, Time, Cost and Product and an outcome is said to be successful if it results in value, learning and if it is
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