Case Study: Ford Motors Charges Ahead Into Globalization

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Contents Getting the timing right Case study 2 The Challenge of Management 2 Hills find millions in the backyard 3 Ford motors charges ahead into globalization 4 Turbosoft 5 Fuzz Eye 6 Transit New Zealand v. the Mystic Taniwha 6 Meeting the challenge of Labor shortage 7 Decision making and ChocCo 8 Reach the clouds 9 Strategy or Strategic Planning 9 Coming back to call back 10 Getting the timing right Case study 1. Identify what roles Joe Wong takes on at CCK. How do you think those roles have changed over past 20 years? Why have they done so? Joe Wong is Chairman and CEO at CCK. Joe Wong takes on informational and interpersonal roles. As he is involved in the development and maintenance of motivated relationships with others and he…show more content…
Delegating leadership and responsibilities. Focusing on customer satisfaction. Senior management is approachable. Giving employee credit and value. Celebrating family function together contributed to the success of Hills Industries. Ford motors charges ahead into globalization 1. Identify influences from the classical, behavioral and quantitative viewpoints in the way the Ford Motor Company is managed today. Classical viewpoint includes: For achieving efficiency upgrading of technology is done regularly. Ensuring efficiency and effectiveness principle of classical theory. Designing and manufacturing of Escort size cars carried out at different locations. Behavioral viewpoint includes: Management style is changed from dictatorship to employee involvement and teamwork. Emphasis on team work and use the team concept to involve individuals from various areas to encouraging creativity. Organization structure is changed from old pyramid structure to Network structure so that functional groups can work as a team other than working as individual groups. Quantitative viewpoint includes: Human and Industrial safety issues are addressed in every product. Human interaction and Ergonomic practices are ensured on the assembly line. For cost cutting Japanese style of management is…show more content…
What barriers to decision making are evident in this case? Diverse community and speaking multiple languages will make it time consuming job. Some members who have knowledge about any specific thing from the community will dominate the discussion. The main barrier is lack of knowledge of the deployed technology in the community. Involvement of community resident at every decision making point. Meetings for language groups are held separately which can lead to duplication of efforts as well. 2. How were these barriers overcome? Resident participation was made in every step of decision making process. Language groups were provided with translator to discuss decisions. Support and training was provided to community to overcome the deficiencies or lack of knowledge in new technology. 3. What advantages to the community would there be from this type of group decision making? A better informed and empowered community will be setup. It help in giving practice of doing community based decision making for benefit of major population. It has reduced the gap of people from technology and eliminated the factor of digital divide. Participation in the progress of community has broken the gap between lot of residents as

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