Case Study: Freakdays

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Team #: 211

Client (Company): Freakdays

Chosen target country: Estonia

Product/Service (a brief description, 3-10 lines): Freakdays’ product are made and crafted with natural fabrics and eco-friendly ink. They have discovered a niche product that inspires young people to enjoy all sides of nature without harming the environment. The things that inspire the creation of their products come from art, music, and the world as they see it.

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Team members:
Name Country Work completed: Please briefly describe the work completed by each team member
Bianca Gillispie United States
We all worked together through each milestone, but I completed the company information, products, and key competitors
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Freakdays brand speaks young and youth-oriented. The company was founded in 2012 in Rivne, Ukraine. Their product and name has been rapidly growing in the past few years. The founders love for nature and travel birthed a new and fresh brand.
• Product- T-shirts and sweatshirts with nature inspired prints are key products. The pocketbooks and sweat pants are new to the Freakdays family.
• Characteristics- geography, demographics, economic environment, and cultural environment are important for these products to be successful.
• Suggested Market- Estonia is the optimal choice to market Freakdays products because this country has a pop stars, people that have the cool look Freakdays portrays, and has a high density of university students. The citizens are always looking for ways to use green marketing and Freakdays products are eco-friendly.
• Market Entry Mode- A joint venture is the mode to enter the market due to the client wanting to partner with another company. The two companies will collaborate and come up with the best way to promote their products without taking away from their
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“The largest clothing company is the public company AS Baltika, of which retail trademark Monton has 50 shops in Estonian, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine with a group turnover of 52.2 million euros in 2010”. Some of the websites are Cafepress, Zazzle, Redbubble and Prepsportswear. All of these websites consist of products that are similar to Freakdays items. They just don’t offer the nature inspired prints and eco-friendly products to its customers. This is where the company will have an advantage. Freakdays offer a niche product that will make profits from its creative style. There are not many places to shop for apparel in Estonia and this will be one of the strengths to promoting the products in this country. Most of the citizens in Estonia, travel to the Ukraine to purchase clothes and other

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