Case Study Gary's Current Health Problem

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1. What are Gary 's current health problems? (Tip: don 't forget the beginning history from last week)

Gary’s main physical issue is a debilitating knee problem which possibly is psoriatic arthritis due to symptoms listed. His other health problems are being currently managed. His mental health seems to be deteriorating as evident by recent alcohol use increase.

2. How are you going to learn more information about Gary 's health?

He could make an appointment with a rheumatologist for a more comprehensive prognosis of his current condition. Other professionals he could attain assistance from are: a physiotherapist, dietitian or even perhaps a psychologist.

3. What assessments need to be conducted to provide a comprehensive assessment with Gary?

A range of rheumatology blood tests with an addition of an array of x-rays would be an ideal course of action in this regard.

4. What assessment tools might be useful?

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Possible things that may be advised are for Gary to stay active with cardiovascular activity to not only help arthritis symptoms but his overall health. To supplement this is a diet designated specifically for his condition. Also an improvement to his sleep could stem from improving his mental health. In the meantime, he could play golf in a video game with some degree of physical movement. (Such as the Nintendo Wii)

6. What skills do nurses need to support person centred self management programs with clients?

Skills that nurses need to support in this manner are to firstly assess the client’s situation in a lateral direction that goes over client knowledge, what they have done, can and cannot do. The next step is finding a definition for the problem produced collaboratively between client and resounding health professional. With these two in mind both client and health staff can design a care plan based on goals in the realm of realism targeting core

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