Case Study General Motors: Packard Electric Division

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General Motors: Packard Electric Division

Marcelo Grant Mattiussi
Southern States University
BU-502 Applied Business Research and Communication Skills
Dr. Peggy Bilbruck
August 11, 2015


Analyzing this case study about General Motors: Packard Electric Division, I could check all the options that Mr. David Schramm was submitted to accept the use of this new product called RIM grommet, which was found as the better option to be used in the cars produced by General Motors in the year of 1992. Below you will find all the reviewed concepts that where used on the decision making of this case study, leading me to a conclusion about this case, and the good and bad point s that my conclusion might have on the choices made by Mr. David Schramm.

THE RIM CASE ANALYSIS During this case study analysis, I was able to learn that the Packard Company was acquired by, General Motors, leading to considerable change in the products offered by the company. The Packard electric division of General Motors in the 80s, where growing at a very satisfactory rate for the directors, even though the GM was struggling during the same period. David Schramm, was the director of engineers for component and cable design in the year of 1990, and was submitted by the PPR team (product, process and reliability), to decide whether it was a good or bad idea to commit to new a product called, the RIM grommet, that was going to be used in a model car

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