Case Study Generalist Intervention Model

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In this case study my client is Peter (the stepbrother). A). Two goals of Social Work which was chosen were to enhance human capacity and improve access. (NASW, 1999). Enhancing human capacity refers to enhancing or building peoples problem solving, coping and developmental capacities. I would try to change Peter’s behaviour towards school and home or his community. As the focus is on Peter, I would also identify his strengths and help him use those strengths to shape him into a better individual. Improving access focuses on linking people with systems that provides them with resources, services and opportunities. This focuses on the individuals and the system with which they interact. This may identify the reasons for Peter’s behaviour towards neighbours and…show more content…
By using the Generalist Intervention Model, as a Social Worker, I would develop a strategy for improving Peter’s behaviour. This model has said to have six (6) steps in order to be successful. I would start by engaging the client by helping them decide whether they want help, in which I would then set up an appointment. I would assess the client during an interview to determine a problem and the solution. If after I have assessed him and discover that I am unable to handle his case I would refer him to a professional who would be able to his situation better. Next, I would be planning how to about helping Peter by setting realistic goals for both of us to achieve and to address the most difficult or critical problem first. By this time Peter should have already been accepted, relaxed and willing to have a good outcome of the process. We should be able to move on to express Peter himself and say how he feels. Also, what caused him to start behaving how he is, such as not going to school and stealing his neighbour’s fruits? The process which I have taken to assist Peter would have to be evaluated to ensure that problems are being solved. Once his goals have been achieved he would no longer be my
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