Case Study: Georgetown Amusement Park

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As the newest amusement park in town, Georgetown Amusement Park aims to integrate technology into experiences that will last a lifetime for every guest who enters our turnstiles. As a business, we would like to believe we can achieve maximum profit because we use technology to, for example, cut down on guest wait times to enter the park, wait times for riding attractions, and wait times for food and beverages. Through an initial survey of 100 amusement park enthusiasts, we have identified these three areas as key pain points guests believe can be improved upon so that they may spend more time doing what they love at an amusement park. As word of our desire to be the world 's leader in technology-friendly experiences at an amusement park spreads,…show more content…
However, the project manager and his/her project team will utilize the successes and failures of rival amusement parks’ mobile application offerings so that it may formulate its own risk management plan. The GAP Companion Project’s risk management plan will first include a detailed analysis of available data related to system stability, adoption rates, and overall user satisfaction of rival amusement parks’, Disney World and Six Flags, mobile application offerings. From there, the project manager and his/her team will define how the risks associated with the GAP Companion Project are identified, analyzed, and…show more content…
This department defines and maintains the standards for project management at the park. In the PMO lies a risk manager, who is responsible for the creation of this risk management plan. He/she is involved in effective implementation of project management through the life of the project, analyzes trends and other metrics in risk management, and trains other members of the project team on how to effectively manage all risk. A. PMO Risk Manager/Risk Management Team The risk management team includes the PMO risk manager, program manager, and other risk specialists. Leading the risk management team is the PMO risk manager. The risk manager and his/her team control the risk management process. Overall team responsibilities include: • Creating the risk management plan and ensuring alignment with organizational standards • Providing a template for risk reports, including how to use mathematical analysis of trends and metrics for project team meetings • Providing methods for identifying, consolidating, documenting, and analyzing risks • Crafting templates for the maintaining and monitoring of data in the risk

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