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3.2 Leverage Key Subcontractor & Partner Management GiaMed Resources JV, LLC is a JV between GiaCare, Inc. and MedTrust, LLC and formed in accordance with the requirements for JV agreements under the SBA Mentor-Protégé Program. GiaCare and MedTrust have been working together for almost a decade, building a long-lasting relationship based on similar cultures and missions. Through the SBA 8(a) approved Mentor/Protégé program, each member has successfully performed on federal contracts – both individually as a Prime/Sub and through our JVs. Both MedTrust and GiaCare, are fully capable of providing the services required under the resultant contract, yet we recognize a low risk comprehensive solution to the Navy is needed. Therefore, we have included…show more content…
While GiaCare, as Managing Member of the JV, will perform the majority of services, they will also incur at least 50% of the JV’s portion of revenue. GiaCare, will (1) manage the contract with their PM providing the contract oversight, (2) provide a Contract Administrator ensuring contract compliance, and (3) provide at least one billing specialist to ensure accurate invoices to the Navy. MedTrust will (1) provide clinical oversight (i.e. a Director of Nursing) to consult with and serve as the clinical liaison to the GiaCare PM, (2) provide recruitment and (3) credentialing services through their expandable infrastructure due to the possible rapid growth of this contract. While Wisestaff will (1) provide physician liaison to consult with and support the GiaCare PM as needed and (2) provide recruitment of physicians. As TOs are awarded, the team members will grow proportionally and additional resources will be respectively allocated or adjusted to ensure mission success. The split of HCPs in the field between the members will be by geography and labor category which will be determined upon TO award. GiaMed will remain fully compliant with FAR 52.2319.15 (limitations on subcontracting) by evaluating our split quarterly and adjusting if needed in the subsequent…show more content…
To ensure consistency and success, both JV members use the same technology platform. Our state-of-the-art software enables GiaMed to monitor contract performance. Each component of GiaMed’s model is integrated with technology to increase our efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and overall quality. For example, our web-based technology is accessible to any authorized user with access to the internet. This enables GiaMed to rapidly expand (or contract) users supporting this contract as the contract grows (or reduces) without impacting the quality of our operations. Another example is GiaMed’s Credential Management through BlueSky which integrates with our email for efficient communication. This tool allows for easy monitoring of credential compliance and we are able to send out automatic alerts to HCPS regarding any expiring credentials. Through the use of technology, GiaMed is able to contain our overhead

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