Case Study Of Giant Consumers Product Inc.'s Frozen Food Division

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Giant Consumers Product Inc.’s Frozen Food Division is a successful business division that in the present times in facing a slight problem in sales. In order to overcome this problem the management must devise strategic plans in order to recover the past position and image of the company. The company has decided to use the strategy of a promotion to solve this issue. They are using this method as it has been used in the past and they have recorded data of the outcome of the promotion in the previous years as well. Hence it can be said that promotion is a safe way to increase sales for the company. The company, like every year, plans to boost sales by lowering prices and increasing the shelf space of its products. It also wants to advertise this sale in the circular of the retailers that are being targeted. Although the sale sounds like a valid solution to the problem, a number of factors must be considered by the company before it launches its promotion. The company may face the risk of cannibalization of its other products that are not promoted. The company is also at the danger of ruining its product image if the prices are lowered too much. The duration of the sale and which retailers to include is also of utmost importance. The company must also estimate the revenue that will be expected to be generated from the…show more content…
In doing so it should keep in mind the behavior, demands and nature of its customers because it is from the customers that will eventually provide revenue for the company. The company should treat all its product lines differently as they have different customers, who are moved by different aspects. If the company is successful in correctly profiling its customers and providing them what they want, the company will be able to restore its position in the

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