Xiaomi Global Factor

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What is global factors in the business?

Global factors are mean that some global forces and trends would influencing the firm running decisions and strategies, these global factors are including modern communication technologies, multinational companies and some global institutions. (Max, 2017)

In the modern communication technologies
There have to way for Xiaomi to taking advantage from this global factor. Firstly, the benefits from the well-developed of internet make Xiaomi enjoy the advantage of easy access to information. (Ramey, 2016) Since it is easy to get some information from internet like the local culture and trending of UK which can help Xiaomi more easy to setting a strategy when it opens a new branch in UK. Also, Xiaomi can
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However, Xiaomi also be one of the multinational company in recent years. When Xiaomi became a multinational company, there have some pros and cons of Xiaomi facing especially Xiaomi want to invest a new branch into UK market.

First, for the pros ways. It would be reach many new and potential clients for our Xiaomi as they invest into a new market for their products, it would create a new quantity demanded for UK markets. Also, the because of the multinational company the market share of Xiaomi also would highly increase as their products brand would more famous than before, people would more comfort and willing to buy Xiaomi’s products. Moreover, as the market share increase and the brand name is well. Xiaomi can have more bargaining power when they bargain with the transportation suppliers and raw material suppliers, it would help for Xiaomi to lower the cost of entry the UK market in business running and easy to set up a new branch in
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First, for The World Bank institution. It is a group to offers loans, advices and technology help for some countries like China is the beneficiary of this group. When this group lower the interest of loans, China would have more capital to encourage citizens to invest their business, such as providing some subsidy for technology industry, therefore Xiaomi can lower the cost of production and invention. Thus, Xiaomi need to understanding the aims and actions of The World Bank. (Lou, 2016)

Next, for the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is an organization that setting some rules of trading by all member governments. China is one of the members of WTO, thus Xiaomi can enjoy the benefits from there, for example the lower tax, lower barriers and the trading process is more convivence. For this reason, Xiaomi, would be easy to entry the UK market as the help from WTO which the outputs are less barriers. (Organization,
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