Case Study: Green Hat-Creative Solution

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Green Hat - Creative Solution By Sayanti Pal Food poverty is the situation where people are unable to approach a proper diet which is required for the nourishment of the body. The food lacks essential food elements like vitamins, iron, protein, calcium and many more things. One of the main causes of food poverty is “food wastage” i.e., lack of availability of food. We produce enough food to feed people but still millions of people are starving for food. If we reduce food wastage it could help to provide food to the starving people. More than one-third of the food manufactured worldwide is discarded or spoiled. Consequences of food wastage are not only limited to the human beings but also the environment as it leads to climatic changes. In industrialized countries, a lot of waste is produced due to consumers who buy too much chuck out what they do not need. In developing countries like India, food wastage is mostly due to ineffective agriculture and lack of food storage facilities. Instead of chucking out the food consumers do not need consumers should store the food in a proper manner to use it later or give that food to a person who is hungry as it will not only save the food from being wasted but it will also feed a hungry stomach. In developing countries proper warehouses without any pests, rats should be maintained so that food can be stored and used when required rather than wasting it. There are many people who beg to get money from the road to purchase something

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