Case Study: Halawani Brothers Company

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Cairo University Faculty of Commerce MBA Program 2014/2015 Marketing Department SALES FORCE COMPENSATION AND MOTIVATION HALAWANI BROS CASE STUDY Submitted by: Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Aziz Supervised by Professor: mohamed Abdellah In the fulfillment of the requirements for MBA final project for Marketing Research MBA forth Term may 2015 ABSTRACT Purpose- The purpose of this research is to identify and study current sales force organization and determent strength and weakness point and recommendation for weakness points in Halawani Brothers Company 1.1 Introduction Definition of Terms Sales force: A group of individuals responsible for executing sales operations and…show more content…
 represent company to consumer and consumer to the company  achievement the goal of company in the market  achievement the target of his territory Halawani brothers have two categories of product first category meat product and second dry product .meat category contribution in total revenue with 75% and it considers market leader In the meat industry by market share 65% at other hand dry category contribution in total revenue with 25% and gets small share 9% in the market. Halawani supply Egyptians market with about 35000 ton from industry meat and Halawa tehena ,molas. Mammal, and coverage the whole market through different channel 46%distributor’s, 18%wholesaler, 11%retailer 20%key account.5% supper market. According to current structure we divided the Egyptians market to 146 traitors the average sales for salesperson about 780000 L E and I think it’s very big number for salesperson work in F M C G industry, Halawani to sale this two categories depend on combination of geographic and product specialization What is a product specialization meaning? A product specialization is meaning salesperson is responsible for selling a group…show more content…
These people have no line authority over the sales force or the sales force managers. They can only advise and make recommendations to the line managers. The sales force is not specialized by product. Instead, each salesperson sells the product of all two product managers. Halawani can use these structures when it wants some of the advantages of specialization by product line at the planning level but doesn’t need the specialization in the selling level. Thus, in one struck the product staff organization corrects two of the weaknesses in the product operating structure and also give the advantages of geographical

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