Q & A Case Study: Halogen Bulb

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ISE330 Case study
Group member:
Lam Tsz Chung 14078007D (Task1 Step1, 2, 7)
Chan Hei Tung Harris 12045986D (Task1 Step5, 6)
Chan Chi San 14077473D (Task Step3, 4)
Chan Ka Chun 14078479D (Task2)
Identify the defect/ safety issue of the product

Our recall product is Halogen Bulbs. The main issue that caused product recall is the lens of the bulb can shatter in the lamp or the lens can fall and shatter, posing a laceration and burn hazard. We have received 13 reports of the lens of the bulb shattering and two laceration injuries, this proved the emergency and importance of the product recall

If the lens are shattered in the lamp, it will completely affect the function of the product. On the other hand, if the lens fall or shattered,
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Those halogen bulbs are manufactured in China. Therefore, we should inform the Firestech Lighting Corporation, of Shenzhen, China, what is happening.

First, we need to tell them what the unsafety part of the halogen bulbs is. To let them notice which process has error.

After that, we need to tell them which type of halogen bulbs are affected. The manufacturers can just stop the production line of these bulbs and we can stop the production successfully that prevent to keep losing more money.

Isolate the inventory
Firstly, distribution networks and trade customers need to be notified to stop distribution of the food product. The Philips Lighting North America Corporation is responsible for advising all direct customers that the food is being recalled. This include notifying Home Depot stores and professional distributors nationwide and online at www. Amazon.com. Notification must made urgently by telephone and followed up in writing via e-mails, fax or through the use of rapid electronic systems such as GS1 Recall net. The Philips Lighting North America Corporation should confirm with its customers that the notification has been received, for example, by requesting confirmation of having received an e-mail and keep a record of this to satisfy the post recall reporting
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For production side, we should make sure the material are regulated and the outcome product should check detailly before selling those product to other place.

On the other hand, we need to mark down those unsafe product’s date codes: 3L, 3M, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4H, 4J, 4K , 4M, 5A, 5B and 5C.

10 Potential hazard of stroller
1. The electric stroller may have electric leakage.
2. The baby may get hurt by the rough surface or sharp edge of the stroller.
3. The baby may bite the lap belt which are toxic and harmful.
4. The lap belt are too tight to cause the baby cannot breathing.
5. The stroller slide down from the slope and impact the wall or anything.
6. When the stroller are operating, the baby may put the hand into the wheel and get hurt.
7. When the canopy cover the stroller, it may too hot inside the stroller.
8. If the material of the stroller are flammable. It may get fire by cigarette butts.
9. The lap belt may break and the baby fall out.
10. The operator press the collapse release handle causing the stroller

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