Hansel Case Study Before Marriage

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Factors/Causes of annulment
Before Marriage Gretel went to Manila in April 2005 to find work when he met Hansel, a call center agent that time. According to Gretel, when she first met Hansel she was attracted to him because of his physical traits like “Guwapo tsaka always pala smile and looking good all the time”. As the days passed by, they became friends through texting and became couples. Hansel is working at Manila that time while Gretel doesn’t find a job that’s why she decided to went home in San Fernando La Union. Hansel also attracted to Gretel because she was “maganda, mabait at sexy syempre”. They were happy and in love each other that time though sometimes they had misunderstanding because of Hansel’s being too busy in his work. Gretel also admit that she was worried that Hansel might found a new one that is why she became strictly to their relationship. They were dated for 7 months until Hansel proposed to Gretel and decided to get married at the age of 23 (Gretel) and 28 (Hansel). In preparation for their marriage, both parents of Hansel and Gretel spent for their wedding. They were stayed at their parents’ house after the marriage.
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Jack work as an I.T that time while Jill work as a chef in Manila. According to Jill she was attracted to Jack because he is “mabai at guwapo”. While Jill is “cute at mabait”. That time Jack friend who’s named is Roy served as their bridged to their relationships until both of them become in love and confessed their feelings to each other. Though sometimes they have misunderstanding to each other it doesn’t affect their relationship. They love each other and so happy that time likes no problems at all. After 1 year of courtship; they became couple and decided to get married at the age of 25 (Jill) and 27 (Jack). Both of them spent in their wedding and Jill stay to her parents’ house while Jack stays at his grandparents’
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