Case Study: Haployees In Cold Bay

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I have interviewed all of the Departments employees in Cold Bay, all of them have backed up the allegations the City, and a private individual have brought up against Mr. Kremer. Can you provide me their actual statements? Concerns; 1- Hap is a bully to employees, public and the City of Cold Bay employees. Our employees supported he is a bully, gets very agitated if things are not done his way. Screams at them all the time, cannot handle the stress of an incident. Have you received any complaints in the past? City and the public have said he bullies to get his way, and if found wrong will bully to justify why he did what he did. Did they provide you specific examples? 2- Hap is threatening to public, and the City Mayor, to the point the Mayor did not want to leave her house because she didn’t want to; “have a chance of having to interact with him”. What did he…show more content…
Hap went to the City to use a dozer to doze off the pile the contractor left on the airport, the City Administrator told him they do not loan equipment, they could enter into an agreement but that would need council approval. Hap got upset, went into the Library and had a conversation with the Mayor ( not sure how heated as another department employee went outside as he was embarrassed with how Hap was acting),the Mayor came outside from that conversation and told our employee she felt threatened by what happened in the library. Hap went to the office and told the employees “ if they assisted the City in any way they would be sent home for the day or terminated. ( got an answer that said sent home, the other said terminated, I believe the terminated). When did this happen? Did he use the city dozer without permission? What were the details of the conversation with the Mayor that made her feel threatened? What did the employees tell you? Did they explain how the conversation went when Hap threatened

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