Case Study: Healdelicious Food

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HealDelicious Foods
Plan Summary: A new brand of restaurants that provides special menu to people according to their health problems thus providing delicious healthy food to the consumers. The restaurant would include a specialist nutritionist who would suggest the consumers on possible items from the menu after taking into account their health problems and their personal taste. Ambience of the restaurant would be built completely on a health theme showing people beating chronic health diseases one way or the other.
Investor’s Interest: Branded restaurants, in general, have been popular in recent times. Good food at good ambience is always appreciated and remains on the mind of consumer long after the experience. In addition to delicious food, if a restaurant is able to provide a unique experience to the consumers, it is
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Keep the employees motivated to behave well. iii. High attrition: Employees at HealDelicious would hold sensitive information about the company. If they move out, they would take important knowledge and acquired skills with them.
Mitigation: Keep the employees satisfied with various perks and a congenial work environment. iv. Investor control: This business would require high capital investments. Investors might ask for control of the operations of the company. If the control goes to investors, they are more likely to care about their return than HealDelicious.
Mitigation: Negotiate with several investors and ensure the control remains with the promoters.
v. Problems with franchise: Since the expansion of HealDelicious would be on a Franchise owned company operated model, the franchise would gain important information about the business (e.g.: suppliers, purchase prices, etc). They may decide to break up and open their own ventures.
Mitigation: Enter into long term contracts with franchise. Keep high penalty fees in the contract in case of a break up before completion of the

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