Case Study: Health Care Management

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Name: Hui Hei Man
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RS401: Health Care Management 2014-2015
Individual Written Report
Question 1

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGH) Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex (JCRC) is the largest rehabilitation facility in Hong Kong, which is managed by community services division under the administrative structure of TWGHs. It provides residential services, day training and day care services, vocational rehabilitation services and community support services to people with intellectual disability, physical disability, visual impairment and mental illness.

In JCRC, there are 6 units of care and attention home for persons with severe disabilities and elderly with visual impairments respectively, 6 units of day activity centres
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(Oliver, 2006) The first management style adopted in JCRC is the democratic style with the primary objective of building commitment and consensus among employees. This involved extensive use of participants in goal setting, decision making and appraisal of methods and results. (Morris & Pavett, 1992) In JCRC, the superintendent would gather the ideas and feedbacks with CP, OT and PT department before finalizing and developing the year plan e.g. upcoming events and issues. A regular review meeting will also be held to ensure the year plan is on the right direction. Besides, this management style is also applied in patient care. According to Castle & Decker (2011), employers who encourage input from employees and team decision making has a strong association with better quality of care. There is regular multi-disciplinary meeting involving social workers, nurses, OT, PT and sometimes caregivers and clients in each center. They will jointly make the decision according to their observation, client’s progress and concerns, providing the most beneficial care to…show more content…
In terms of business management, there are several social enterprises providing different services in JCRC, for examples, ‘Take a Break’ catering service, Lok Kwan Bakery, Leisure Corner etc. They, on one hand, provide a good opportunity for clients to develop their work skills and habit through vocational training and work placement, preparing them for open employment and community reintegration. On the other hand, revenue from these enterprises can help to maintain the operational capital for JCRC. In terms of client management, service users have rights for full participation and choices in their daily living, personal care plan and meals according to their preference and needs, which matches with the value of
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