Case Study: Helicopter Parenting: Angelina Demaria

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Helicopter Parenting- Angelina DeMaria
As soon as an infant is born there is a single thought on every parent’s mind- the protection of their young. Although caring for a child is an accepted tenet of parenting, there is a limit to what is a healthy extent of ‘protection’ applied to an adolescent’s life. Helicopter parenting (HP) can be relatively damaging to a child’s life, the aspect of not permitting youths to venture independently can force them to develop fear of the outside world. This is depicted through numerous articles and also the notorious film, Finding Nemo.
The aspiration to protect one’s child can emerge to an inflated degree through helicopter parenting. Over protective parents trust that they are doing what is best for their children when in reality they are damaging their wellbeing. (Williams,
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This characteristic of parenting is very relatable to me due to my childhood being similar. As an adolescent my mother had a cautious watch over me but my father was rather lenient most of the time. Although parents taking care of their young is commended, several are seen going to their ‘children’s’ job interview. (Williams, 2016) Ultimately, parents feel the exposure to corruption and denial in a teenager’s life is too considerable that their youths should be directed as much as possible. (Fontaine, 2015) As revealed in Finding Nemo, Marlin’s extreme rearing practices mirror these articles. This is depicted when Nemo seems excited on his first day of school but is then frustrated by his father’s undue worry. (Finding nemo, 2003) Due to Marlin’s prior suffering of losing his wife and the rest of his offspring, this makes him see the ocean as a treacherous home and does not feel like Nemo should venture it whatsoever. This correlates with my parents, as they would always ask me what the ‘number 1 rule [was] before leaving the house’ and if I answered incorrectly I would not

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