Case Study: Henry Jones Back Doors

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Henry Jones “Back Doors” Stakeholders There are many different people that would be affected by this scenario. The employees, the company, the public with information on the database, Henry Jones, and David Anderson will all be affected in different ways depending on the choices that are made. Relevant Clauses Principle 3 – Product Software engineers shall ensure that their products and related modifications meet the highest professional standards possible. In particular, software engineers shall, as appropriate: 3.12. Work to develop software and related documents that respect the privacy of those who will be affected by that software. Principle 6 – Profession Software engineers shall advance the integrity and reputation of the profession…show more content…
By removing an essential part of the security system Henry has made it possible for external hackers to gain access to the company’s database very easily, resulting in the loss of privacy for those with information on the system. This is a clear violation because he has not developed software with respect to the privacy of those who use it but instead has done the opposite. Any of the stakeholders with information in the system can be affected by this violation of the…show more content…
David Anderson should assist Henry Jones in becoming fully aware of policies and procedures of the company. This would help Henry understand that what he is doing is causing a major security concern and by typing in his username and password he is acting in the public interest. Since this is not the first time Henry has done this and we know that he will probably be terminated for this, section 6.08 helps us decide what we should do next. It is David’s responsibility to report any errors in the software upon which he works. He has found a major security risk and it is now his responsibly to report it to the company. The potential consequence of this is the termination of Henry, but the potential consequences of not doing this include the system being easily hackable and the public’s private information now becoming public. The loss of privacy for everyone on the system does not outweigh one person’s loss of a job so David needs to report his

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