Case Study Hochster V De La Tour

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Hochster v De La Tour [1853] Case Analysis Chue Yong Qi (2000627241) Dai Yiqing (2000637254) Goh Joon Siang(2000637423) Group 3 HMD 401 – Section 1010 University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Singapore Campus INTRODUCTION Hochster v De La Tour (1853) is an English contract law case on anticipatory breach of contract. On 12 April 1952, De La Tour and Hochster had an agreement for De La Tour to employ Hochster as his courier and to go on a trip around Europe together for a period of three months, starting from 1 June 1852. The wages and salary were also agreed upon. However, on 11 May 1852, De La Tour changed his mind and he wrote to Hochster to state that his service is no longer required. On 22 May, Hochster sued De La Tour for a breach of contract. De La tour refused to pay any form of compensation. De La Tour beg to differ that, if Hochster was refusing to agree to terminate the contract base on de La Tour’s repudiation, then Hochster will be obliged to stand in and perform at all times before the date he was to perform the contract. Therefore, Hochster will not be able to suffer from any injury from De La Tour’s repudiation. PARTIES TO THE ACTION Hochster [Plaintiff at Trial level] and De La Tour [Defendant at Trial level]. FACTS The following relevant facts held that the Defendant entered into an agreement where defendant would engage Plaintiff as a courier under defendant’s employ to commence on a future date, where they would

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