Case Study: Hockhua Tonic Malaysia

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Hockhua Tonic Malaysia had a different aspect of herbs, seafood and jelly products business. It was established in 1986 after being founded by Mr Chan Tiong Cheng who is the current CEO, which started his American Ginseng wholesale products business that is imported from Canada. In 1987, he and three other partners started to expand the company in Kampong Kranji, Singapore. They started to move into the wholesale business through the distribution products of American Ginseng that was imported from Canada. They have seen the traditional Chinese health products in the market and it was set up by HockHua Ginseng Bird Nest Trading Enterprise. The company’s first retail outlet was opened in Hougang, Singapore in 1989 which imported bird’s nest. The first outlet was very popular until it led to the opening of several more in Singapore over the next few years between 1990 and 1995. The company began to sell the traditional Chinese herbs, medicines and other health food as well in order to meet the demand. HockHua was already a comprehensive traditional health food chain in 1992. The sales inventory has increased rapidly from $2 to $6 million between 1990 to 1993. LOGO The Chinese word is customary for the Chinese families to stick with the character “fortune”(“福”) on the doors during Chinese New Year. It signifies the arrival of good fortune, health and peace. For example, the founder of HockHua is used to do the same at his front shops to celebrate the festive season. He began to

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