Case Study: Holland V. Cheney Bros, Inc.

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Holland v. Cheney Bros., Inc., 22 So.3d 648 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 2009) Appellant/Petitioner: Rafael Holland Appellee/Respondent: Cheney Bros., Inc. Facts: The claimant, Rafael Holland challenged the legal sufficiency of the Judge of Compensation (JCC) denying the request of temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits. The claimant argues that the JJC’s finding of the facts were insufficient not making a credible appellate review. Procedure Below: Based on the facts of the case the Judge of Compensation (JCC) denied the claimant 's request for temporary partial disability. (TPD) Issue(s): Does claimant’s argument present preservation of error against legal sufficiency of the JCC? Holding: No. Rationale: For the District Court of Appeal

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