Hunting Nightmare Bacteria Case Study

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Hunting nightmare bacteria Answer the following questions Case of Addy (the girl from Arizona ) 1- Based on the pediatrician observations what was Addy’s diagnosis at the Pediatric Hospital intensive care unit ? She had got infected by staff or positive bacteria called Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). MRSA is a community associated bacteria that infects kids when they are playing in playing ground and getting scabs on their knee.They spread through that wound and it has very high resistance to antibiotics. 2- What is the species of bacteria that Addy contracted while on ECMO? Stenotrophomonas a gram negative bacteria species contracted while she was on ECMO. They are usually found in hospitals like breathing…show more content…
(like you learned it in class) KPC spreads the KPC plasmid by the direct contact from patient to patient. It can also spread through the hands (if the gloves has some small holes on it) and other pieces of equipment and devices present in hospital. 2- What major step was done in order to control the spread of KPC? The major steps were : A) All KPC Patients were isolated cleanly in separate enhanced contact room or ICU where everybody who enters the room either staff or visitors must wear gloves and gowns. B) They tried to clean all hospital (like equipment's, devices and empty room ) so that they can reduce the spread of KPC. C) The whole hospital was full of posters saying that or monitoring that everyone should wear gloves and glowns and everybody should wash their hands. D) They used combination of very powerful antibiotics in order to control the spread of KPC. 3-What is a silent carrier of KPC? Can they spread KPC to other vulnerable patients? Silent carrier of KPC are part of KPC which have the capacity to remain in digestive system for some period of time without infecting thus being stable. But after some period of time they can be active again and start infecting to other patients present in hospitals. Yeah silent carrier of KPC can spread to other vulnerable

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