Case Study: Identity Theft Case

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INTRODUCTION: This case involves an unknown suspect having possession of the victim's firearm. INVESTIGATION: On 01-14-16 at ?????? hours, Officer Cass #0044 and I were dispatched to the PPD Records lobby for a loss/stolen firearm investigation. Upon our arrival, I contacted Victim Maurice Shariff Lamar who advised me of the following information: In March of 2011, Lamar gave King King his black 9mm High Point C-9 firearm, serial #P1264521, worth approximately $400.00 as collateral for a debt he owned King. Lamar told me that King was killed about four years ago and he does not know who has the firearm. Lamar advised that he is a convicted felon for an identity theft case (stolen check cashing). On 01-12-16 at about 1200 hours, State

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