Case Study: Is The Root Canal Linked With Cancerous Disease

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Is the Root Canal Linked with a Cancerous Disease? The root canal is a very common dental procedure. In the United States, more than 25 million root canal procedures are performed every single year. According to the dentists, these procedures are completely safe and harmless. However, the scientists cannot agree with this opinion and, over the past 100 years, they have been trying to prove that the root canals can implement danger. Most of the root-canaled teeth look and feel good. However, there is a possibility that they can become incubators for very harmful anaerobic bacteria. If these bacteria enter your bloodstream, they can cause a number of terminal illnesses. The symptoms of the diseases may not appear in the few following decades, which is what makes it difficult to track back the role of the teeth in the occurrence of the disease. According to The American Dental Association the root canals are not dangerous at all. However, an actual research or a published dada has never been provided. Most of the dentists agree that the root canals are safe and, they are oblivious of the risks that their patients are exposed to. Root Canals Can Lead to Chronic Degenerative Diseases The first connection between the root-canaled teeth and a disease was made by one of the greatest dentists in the…show more content…
Thomas Levy, a cardiologist and author, states that, contrary to the popular opinion, an intake of greater than necessary amount of calcium supplementation and dairy products cannot protect your teeth. In fact, this intake may cause some chronic degenerative diseases. According to Levy, the unnecessary supplementation of calcium can lead to a premature death because it creates toxic environments in your body. Although the link between the risk of a terminal illness and a root canal is still debatable, you may consider avoiding root canals, or removing the tooth if you have one, and an unnecessary intake of calcium in order to prevent any chronic degenerative
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