Case Study: Jane Nartare Beaumont

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Long ago in Australina, something horrable happened to a family that had never be forgotten. It was a cased that has been cold and unsloved for many years.In 1966 it was a safe place and patrents allowed their young child or children to go to places alone without any worry. Until three siblings never came back home from the beach one day. Jim and Nancy Beaumont had three children two daughters and a son: Jane Nartare Beaumont the oldest nine, Arnne Kathleen Beaumont age seven, and the youngest (son) Grant Ellis Beaumont age 4.They Beaumont family lived on 109 Harding Street, Somerton Park, which is a suburb. Gleneig beach was only a five minutes bus ride from their home. Nine years old Jane would take her siblings to the beach most of the time,

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