Case Study John's Loss

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Johns Loss due to transition and point of view.
John has gone through different experiences and transition from the age of 18, which may have left him with different memories, emotions and loss. When he was moved from home to the Coldwest Hospital he must have experience some loss due to transition such as loss of family ties, loss of independence, dignity and choice. Furthermore, after leaving Coldwest he must have made some friends and got use the routine of not having choice, independence and rights. Moving to the independent living environment would be a challenge for him because of his learning disability.
In addition, John was moved from the independent living accommodation to a nursing home. This another transition which would result to another loss of friends, choice, independence, privacy and skills. John is also experiencing another transition in life due to old age. This would bring changes in health
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Mencap (2008) suggest palliative care and end of life care for people that are experiencing non-curable conditions such as Alzheimer. This is a delicate issue to discuss. Staff discussing this issue has to be comfortable to discuss this with John and they have to be some John is used to. This should be discussed in the way John would understand it.
We have to remember John has a mild learning disability and Alzheimer. The staff could use diagrams, video, roles play and drama to explain death and dying. Issues such as how John wants to his funeral to be, his bucket lists of things he would like to do before his death, how he would like to die, making decisions about burial or cremation, who John would like to give his belongs to, what he would like to wear, the type of funeral he wants, the music, who would John like to be at his funeral, the speech during his funeral and how he would like to be
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