Case Study: Johnson Toy Company

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Case 1: Johnson Toy Company 1. Every organization needs its financial report to be accurate because it uses it in making important financial decisions. In the case of Johnson Toy Company (JTC) the information is used in making directional decisions. With regards to the case in question, the controls seem to be very inaccurate and poor. JTCs present returns policy is inadequate looking at the size of the organization and the quantity of toys produced annually. The return policy looks incomplete in my opinion and leaves a lot of questions for the customers. This discourages returns by customers as well as challenging the returns policies. My advice to JTC is that it needs to be fixed or else, customers would take matters into their own hands thereby leaving them out of the whole process of returns and loosing on customer feedbacks. 2. From a marketing manager’s perspective on the JTC returns policy, it is very different from that of a financial manager’s standpoint. Marketing managers lean towards a less stringent controls and have a lot more flexibility when they are bargaining with retailers. They have more leeway when dealing with the now shaky relationship with retailers. Of all the members of this company, the marketing managers have more power than they realize in turning the company around. Marketing creates the face of the company and advertises the strength and values to the world, and most importantly the retailers and distributors that keep JTC in a win
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