Kimono Laboratories: Company Analysis

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We are group number 7, with group name Anonymous. The startup company for our group assignment will be Kimono Labs .Our CEO of the group will be John Chan Kang Jun, accompany with group members, Wan Noor Elya, Melisa, Sharwena, Seodongyeob, and Hesam.

1.1ntroduction to Kimono Labs
There are three types of start-up firms, which are salary-substitute firm, lifestyle firms, and entrepreneurial firms. We will said Kimono labs was set up as entrepreneurial firms, a firm that’s bring in new product and services to the market. Kimono Lab launched in January 2014, by two friends Ryan Rowe and Pratap Ranade. Their slogan is “Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds”, which mainly turns any website into an API, application programming
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According to Programmable Web the world’s largest API repository, there are more than 9,000 APIs, and the top 3 most popular APIs started from Google Maps API, YouTube APIs, and Flickr API.
Back in 2000, when talk about API, this term have multiple meaning for different things. It could be hardware APIs, or the Java API or other technical incarnations. Now people when people mention the term API, it most probably refer to web API or an API built using REST, representational state transfer.
For commerce, the first web APIs were officially applied was in February 7th, 2000 by at the IDG Demo 2000 conference. was the first mover in the world of web APIs,and they still leading as a powerhouse in the world. On the same year Ebay launched the Ebay Application Program Interface, along with the Ebay developers program. Two years later, Amazon launched Web Services (AWS), to allowed third party sites to search and showed products from in an XML
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Six month later, Amazon launched a new cloud computer service dubbed Amazon EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud. Photo 1.3 Amazon S3
In June of 2009, Apple launched the iPhone 3G, open an entirely new world of mobile application, with the App Store began allowing iPod Touch and iPhone owners to download application through the iTunes and App store, APIs would be the driving force on this service. Other APIs related to mobile, will be like Foursquare and Instagram. With included commerce, social and cloud, mobile has became the finalize piece of the digital strategy puzzle.
1.3 Introduction to Co-Founders
What is Co-Founder? Base on definition is said that a person, who in conjunction with one or more people, in startup a business or some other enterprise. Each person involved for the creation of the entity is considered a co-founder. According to Patrick Madigan (2014), co-founder relationship are is one of the most important and potentially challenging relationship for entrepreneur. He provided three principles for managing the Co-Foinder relationship, like seek out complementary skills, clearly define managing roles, work with person that you trust, respect ,and even

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