Case Study: Lack Of Communication

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3.1 Lack Of Communication
One major problem for Josef’s team is the lack of communication. As Aistotle (The Woman, 2016) said, "the whole is more than the sum of its parts.” There is nothing more important to a company’s success than an effective and clear communication among team members.
According to the report, Josef knew that the teams were having problems working but waited until the workers displayed unhappiness and dissatisfaction. An example of a problem was Del Santo, the boss, was exploiting staffs. This shows that, the staffs were afraid to clarify such issues with the Head Office due to fear of getting reprimanded and disregarded. The lack of communication amongst the boss and the workers affects the relationship and the condition
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4.2 Improving Work-Life Balance
• Advantages
When work-life has been attained for the employees, the benefits surfaces in Dominos for a long period. Employees will have control of their working life in which leads to increased productivity, lesser absenteeism, improvements in employee’s emotions, health and well-being, reduction in staff turnover and recruitment costs. Other than that, Dominos will become successful and recognised thus it will attract the members of the public that wants to work.
• Disadvantages
Without the work-life balance provided to the employees, it affects not only the individual, but also the organisation. In terms of individual, happiness and their morale will diminish as demonstrated in the report. A decrease in one’s self- esteem, personal balance and emotional level will take a toll on their health. In terms of the organisation, an increase number of employees that wants to leave will be reported thus levels of commitment and progress of employees will significantly decline.
5. Proposed
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In that way, employees will feel acknowledged and at ease thus will commit to what they have been handled.
6. Recommendations
6.1 Strategy to Improve Communication
The people working in Dominos’ should watch their words and use positive words to convey messages, as it is favourable to the receiver. They should be precise and clear to avoid relaying the wrong information to the receiver. Emotions should be maintained professionally while communicating as words have different meanings to different people. Different people respond differently as in a diverse culture, there are bound to be different communication styles.
Open communication and discussion will promote effectively and efficiency in Dominos. Different levels of management and leaders should accept honesty, effective listening, trust and straightforwardness. In that way, relationships will be able to improve overtime and the engagement between employees will be
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